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The creation of these beautifully thick, rich and highly fragrant trees makes them stand out from other Christmas trees.

Each tree has been hand-cultured and individually trimmed to that perfect pyramid shape that looks almost too good to be true. As well, with proper home care, these trees will retain their lovely dense green shape and style for more than a month, constantly giving off that wonderful aroma so typical of pine trees - a smell that has become such a part of the New Zealand Christmas.

To enable ease of travel, your tree can be wrapped for an extra $5 per wrapping per tree.

Courtneys' Christmas Tree Farm and Decoration Barn

5ft and under $30
6ft - $40
7ft - $50
8ft- $60
9ft - $70
10ft and higher please email for information

Wrapping the tree is $5 a wrap and allows the tree to travel easier with limited damage it also makes it easier to set up inside. Stand the tree up in the Cinco stand and cut the top of the wrap and roll down the tree, keep the wrap around the stand for when you have finished using the tree just pull up the wrap around the tree and carry outside to dispose of it.

We also supply a dead tree pickup service for the Thames Valley/ Hauraki area for $10 we will come and pick up your tree on the following days only:9th and 10th January 2021, book and pay for this service via email or at the shop

Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Christmas trees
Christmas trees

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